About Tecnikal

When we started the aim was simply to fix computer problems. As time moved on we have found taking a more involved approach with our customers helps identify pain points and processes ripe for improvement, making their systems - and business - run more smoothly. The result is a much more beneficial relationship.

Tecnikal began as a computer repair shop in Duke Street, Glasgow, in 2007. Starting off with routine virus removals, data recovery, and hardware troubleshooting, we soon found ourselves offering IT help to businesses in the area.

Shortly after this, we started contracting with enterprise customers and closed our domestic business while keeping our links with local businesses. With this experience we learned the importance of planning for high availability, standardisation, documentation, and how these could be applied to local businesses.

As time has gone on computers are much more reliable than they once were. The value that IT providers such as Tecnikal provide is not just in fixing problems, but identifying the needs of a business and producing solutions that promote stability, increase productivity, and help them grow.